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Cover all learning sections such as class preparation, in-class collaboration and after-class review. Enable students to learn anywhere and anytime. Create learning with fun and witness student’s growth with IQClass classroom solution.

Multimedia Classroom

Interactive Presentation

From the traditional whiteboard to an interactive presentation, the classroom becomes more active and content richer with PPT, video, music and other resources. Students collaborate with more enthusiasm and real-time commentary helps students acquire knowledge quickly.

Easy To Operate

Just touch and operate. No additional materials required.

Prepare Lessons

With document camera and teaching software, teacher can quickly upload files to create personalized course wares that are shared with students for review after class.

Active Classroom

Teachers and students can achieve multi-screen interaction with any devices, such as the computer, tablet and mobile phone. Teachers could share class files and make an evaluation of student performance timely.

Intelligent Classroom

Course Management

Arrange and manage the lesson planning. Administrator could set live broadcast schedule and issue the public notice for it. And the same time, administrator could make central management to ensure that the system works well.

Broadcast on Demand

It supports automatic broadcasting and manual broadcasting, easy to configure and control. Support the film mode, picture in picture, resource mode (multi-screen synthesis) to record video or broadcast on demand. It supports automatic courseware recording based on schedule without human intervention.

Distance Learning

Students can log in to watch the live broadcast online or video on demand. In addition, students can choose the best resolution to watch it according to the network environment.

Synchronize Classroom

Classrooms with network and IQSchool solution related equipment could connect together. The teacher of classroom A could give lessons to and interact with students at classroom A or B.

Case Study

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Chaoyang Primary School

Chaoyang Primary School is established in 1866 and located at Beibei district, Chongqing province, which has been a key primary school since new China was founded. IQSchool is applied to Chaoyang Primary school with the aim of integration and efficiency. Multiple systems of school are integrated as one and each classroom relies on the same school LAN. In a word, IQSchool makes emission reduction and energy conservation more available to school and at the same time improves campus management efficiency.

Shahe Primary School

Shahe Primary School Nanshan Shenzhen is established in 1961 and located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen city, which now has developed into a school that contains 34 classrooms and 1,554 students. Combined with existent campus classroom equipment, IQSchool wages an information reform and helps create a high-level information school. Each classroom is installed IQSchool Converged system and through this, information publishing system of school is integrated to the IQSchool.

Shenzhen University

In the July 2011, south campus of Shenzhen University was established successfully, which has large-scale area and special design of buildings. With total amount of 3,000 students, there are three colleges located at south campus, including mechanical college and medical college. As a core device, IQSchool Converged System is applied and equipped at every classroom. And together with advanced management platform, users can have a clear picture of all devices located at different storey and classrooms. Moreover, managers can control devices to boot or shut down by using IQ Manager Basic software, which helps improve life span of equipment a lot. In a word, IQSchool guarantees more efficient management on education equipment.

Guangxi University

Guangxi University is located in Nanning city, capital of Guangxi province. The university is also co-built by Ministry of Education and Guangxi province and is listed as one of 211 key development universities. IQSchool solution has won school leaders’ trust by its quality products and reputation. 175 sets of IQSchool Converged System have been applied successfully in all classrooms of newly-built buildings.



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