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IQShare WP32

Wireless Presentation system

Simply bring your own device to the meeting and share ideas with the rest of the team. IQShare WP32 allows you to present contents from your laptop or mobile device wirelessly to the office display, making the meeting collaboration easier than ever.


Models Available

Connection Diagram

· Bring your own meeting

Laptops can be presented through software client or plugging a Button, while smartphones and tablets connect via mobile App or screen mirroring (AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast).

· Any presentation display

No matter there is a projector, TV or touch screen in your boardroom, as long as the display is with HDMI input, just plug and play to go wireless.

· Cross Platform

The strong compatibility allows multiple systems including Windows, MAC, Chrome OS, Linux, Android, IOS 8.0 and above to be supported by IQShare.

Easy pairing

IQShare Button only needs to be paired with the base unit once and ready for use. No driver is required. Everytime when you want to share your laptop screen, simply plug the button into the laptop, press and present.

Screen sharing without network

For guests who don’t have access to the company network, they can still present wirelessly with their laptops through IQShare Button. Network connectivity is not a must for temporary users.

3 types of buttons for choice

Built-in Android with dual themes -- classic & business

Classic theme is typical for displays like TV, projector or large LED screen to realize wireless presentation, while business theme is specially designed for touch screens with whiteboard and annotation function.

Easy annotation

Meeting collaboration becomes easy when you can make annotations freely on the big screen with the content shared by the group.

Convenient & smart control

The content presented wirelessly via IQShare on the office display can also be shared simultaneously to each of the personal devices from the rest of the team. When the meeting room is large and you are sitting far away from the display, you can still see the meeting contents clearly from your personal device and get participated.

Touch back control

Touch on the screen to control laptop directly while mirroring the laptop to the Touch screen.

Smart control on office display

Use mobile phone or laptop to realize air mouse, remote control, keyboard and other functions, everyone can easily control the office display at their seat.

Mobile visualizer

Shooting real objects or documents with the built-in camera of your mobile phone or tablets, using it as a temporary visualizer to present the content wirelessly on the large screen during the meeting.

Extended screen

User can set the office display as an extended screen and directly drag the presentation content to the big screen without exposing the rest of his PC desktop.

Freeze screen

No need to disconnect the screen sharing when you want to deal with some personal stuff on your device, just freeze the content being shared on the big screen.

Group display

Don’t worry if there’s more than one display in the room -- connect each one of them to an IQShare box respectively and make them as one group, they will be able to receive the same content wirelessly at the same time.

(1) From one personal device to multiple displays

(2) From one display to the rest of the displays


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