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Start Lecture Recording with One Touch

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When we think of the lecture capture systems, lots of us may get intimidated by the complicated operation of the devices and lose direction in the process. IQ offers an easy-to-use lecture over IP solution not only for classroom lecture capture recording video, but also for live streaming to enable online learning. IQVideo Lecture Capture System includes a Video Station, Auto-Tracking Cameras for teacher and students, Ceiling Mic and Online Director System, providing a powerful and simple video capture solution for classroom.

System Components

Video Station LCS610

Auto-tracking Camera(Teacher/Student)

Ceiling Mic with Audio Processor

System Topology Diagram

System Features

One touch record and streaming

The Video Station is integrated with a 11.6’’ touch screen. Users can start class lectures recording or live streaming by simply tapping on the built-in screen, which not only presents clear preview images, also allows hardware based on-screen editing and directing.

Capturing multiple input sources

The Video Station of lecture capture solution supports connection of 2 cameras with 4 scenes. Besides, there’s HDMI Input available for external PC connection, so that the teacher’s courseware can also be recorded as a mixed video content. The final video capture output will include a mixed record video and multiple independent videos for each input source respectively.

Auto-Tracking Camera

The two 4K ePTZ cameras of lecture recording system are capable of capturing four different scenes including close-up or panorama of both the teacher and students. Featured with auto-tracking technology, the cameras can switch intelligently between panorama and close-up view based lecture capture.

Wide Range Voice Pickup

The omnidirectional microphone with 6 meters pick up radius will automatically focus on the current speaker and capture clear sound in recorded lectures and class live streams. It’s with an audio processor to distinguish human voice from background noise and ensure perfect sound quality.

Real-time & Online directing

Users can select the split-screen mode during the lecture capture or add course information / school logo etc. directly through on-screen operation on the Video Station. Besides, a remote director platform you can access from the mobile device PC is available for online directing and managing the multiple scenes, also editing the final video with certain cutting and merging.

Live Streaming Your Mixed Video Production

Setting up live online courses are only at the click of a button. Through on-screen or remote operation, users can broadcast the mixed video to YouTube or Facebook, other live streaming platforms as online learning for hybrid or flipped classrooms in schools including primary and high schools, colleges and universities. The system supports RTSP/RTMP/TS streaming protocols.


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