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Maximizing Mathematical Research: The Impact of IQ Interactive Flat Panel Product Combination

Maximizing Mathematical Research: The Impact of IQ Interactive Flat Panel Product Combination


In mathematics teaching, it is crucial to have the right teaching tools. If you are in the market for a product that enhances the quality of teaching, check out the IQ Interactive flat panel portfolio. It has advanced hardware and software composition to provide a comprehensive solution for all your teaching needs. Let's take a look at how advanced IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO and smart IQCLASS ONE can add to your math class through the case study requirement analysis in this article.

1. The characteristics of mathematics and the difficulty of mathematics teaching

Mathematics is characterized by abstractness, logic, and systematicness.

1.1 The necessary ability to master mathematics

Based on the subject characteristics of mathematics, it has certain requirements for students' learning ability. Students are not only required to have certain thinking ability and logical thinking abilities. At the same time, it takes patience and staying power. Understand and master concepts through repetition and variation through consistent practice and consolidation.

1.2 The difficulty of mathematics teaching

In addition, in terms of difficulty, the difficulty of mathematics tends to increase gradually with the deepening of learning. In the learning process of increasing difficulty, students need to have a good mathematical foundation and problem-solving ability. Therefore, some students may feel that mathematics is difficult to understand and master because of the differences in abstract and abstract reasoning abilities of mathematics.

From the perspective of teachers, the difficulty of mathematics teaching lies in how to stimulate students' interest in learning and cultivate students' ability to solve problems. At the same time, teachers need to flexibly adjust the teaching methods and contents according to the different characteristics and learning abilities of students to ensure that each student can understand and master the knowledge taught.

1.3 Thinking to solve the problem of the status quo

So, at this point, we need to think about some tools to help students overcome some of their difficulties in math learning. And thus help them to develop a good mathematical foundation and thinking ability.

In addition, the topics and concepts of mathematics are sometimes quite abstract and complex, so teachers need to help students understand them through vivid and interesting teaching methods and examples. From the perspective of students, the difficulty of mathematics teaching lies in the need for continuous practice and consolidation, and also the need to have a certain mathematical foundation and thinking ability. For some students, the abstract and logical nature of math is also a challenge and requires more effort to master.

2. The significance of  IFP (Interactive Flat Panel) screens in mathematical education and practice

As an advanced teaching tool, Interactive Flat Panel has the advantage of both image and text display. By displaying images and text on the screen, the Interactive Flat Panel can display images and text, providing a more intuitive and vivid display way for mathematics and science teaching, helping students to better understand and remember knowledge.

Integrating interactive display panels, such as the IQTouch Series products into a mathematical research environment can profoundly improve research processes and teamwork activities.

2.1 Improved visual effects

This interactive display enables scholars to express complex mathematical ideas and data collections vividly and clearly. First, visualizing data in real-time on a wide range of displays helps pinpoint trends, anomalies, and relationships. It provides powerful help for data analysis. Secondly, the use of variable mathematical event models on the display can achieve instant visual input, which can lay a certain foundation for mathematical modeling.

2.2 Teamwork in the study

The interactivity of the IQ team promotes collaboration, a key element of the complex problem-solving and review process.

IQTouch Series products cater to concurrent multi-user participation, where numerous scholars can interact with the group simultaneously, thus simplifying the collective conceptualization process. In addition, IQTouch Series products' HD AI cameras provide powerful AIDS for video calling, facilitating simultaneous collaboration with partners who are not in the same location.

2.3 Educational interaction and presentation

IQTouch Series products can be a compelling teaching tool in a mathematics teaching environment. Educators can utilize these panels to construct engaging lectures and presentations that make complex mathematical principles more accessible. Students can also interact directly with the learning material, which enhances their understanding and retention of mathematical models and concepts.

2.4 Software Collaboration

The compatibility of IQTouch Series products with professional mathematical software enhances its practicality. In addition, IQBoard has developed many smart learning software, such as IQCLASS ONE teachers or students can operate math applications directly from the panel or through connected devices with dedicated software. In addition, on-the-fly computation during discussions or teaching sessions can also facilitate direct study of concepts.

3. The ultimate application guide for combining software and hardware

With the software and hardware combination of IQCLASS ONE and powerful IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO, teachers can explain some real-life examples to help students understand mathematical concepts so that students can connect abstract mathematical knowledge with practical problems. At the same time, teachers can also help students consolidate their knowledge by providing a large number of exercises and practice opportunities so that students can skillfully use mathematical knowledge to solve problems. In addition, teachers can also encourage students to discuss and communicate with each other, and share ideas and methods of solving problems, to promote learning interaction and cooperation between students and improve students 'problem-solving ability.

3.1 Interactive function of multi-touch function

The collaboration potential of this setup is maximized through the multi-touch capabilities of the IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO, allowing multiple students to interact with the material simultaneously, while the IQCLASS ONE software enables students or team members to contribute in real-time from their own devices, making teamwork even from a distance seamless and efficient. Assessments are also more interactive, with the ability to create quizzes and polls through IQCLASS ONE to generate instant feedback on student understanding, while touch panels allow educators to fluidly sift through answers, turning assessments into opportunities for instant educational feedback.

3.2 Integration with the Cloud Storage Solution

Integration with cloud storage solutions further simplifies the education process. Interactive whiteboard sessions can be shared in real-time, ensuring participants have the same immersive educational experience no matter where they are. This seamless integration of hardware and software not only demonstrates the cutting edge of education technology but also demonstrates the power of interactive displays combined with intelligent classroom management software to create a collaborative and inclusive learning atmosphere.

Final thoughts

All in all, the integration of IQ interactive tablets into the field of mathematical research greatly enhances visual aids, collaboration, educational outreach, and overall productivity. Continued advances in this technology will further integrate into the practice of mathematics, expanding the horizons of researchers and educators. If you are interested in our products, you can click here to contact us, and we will provide you with more detailed product parameter descriptions and specific scenario application guides.

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Adapting to Change: How the IQTouch Series Meets Technological Trends and Market Demands

Adapting to Change: How the IQTouch Series Meets Technological Trends and Market Demands


Whether it is for newcomers in the workplace, or products trying to gain a foothold in the market, adapting to change is crucial. With its advanced technology and ability to meet market demands, the IQTouch family of products has become an integral part of the ever-changing times. Let's take a look at how the IQTouch series meets technology trends and market needs.

1. Support multiple operating systems

Different users have different operating system preferences, the market demand for multi-operating system IFP displays has been relatively stable. At present, the IFP market mainly has Windows, MacOS, Android, and other operating systems, and each operating system has a certain user group. IQTouch products usually support multiple operating systems, such as Android and Windows, such as the newly upgraded IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO and IQTOUCH TE1300 both support Android 13.0 or Windows 10. That meets the needs of different users, to provide a more personalized experience.

Whether in education or business environments, users can choose the right operating system according to their preferences and habits, thereby improving the efficiency of use. In addition, with the development of intelligent office and teaching, more users need to run a variety of applications on the IFP screen, and the multi-operating system IFP screen can achieve a multi-purpose screen and improve work efficiency.

2. Continuously present high-definition display effect

The IQTouch series products use the most advanced 4K UHD display technology to provide users with more delicate and clear images and video effects. With the popularity of applications such as video conferencing and online teaching, high-definition screens have also become an important tool for users to carry out remote communication and learning. Therefore, the market demand for high-definition screens has remained stable, and with the development of intelligent trends, its market demand may further increase.

For example, the screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro is constructed from an optically fitted process and meets the enhanced 4K and True 178° view angle range. This high-definition display effect can not only meet the needs of education and business for high-quality visual display but also provide users with a more comfortable experience. In the field of teaching, this high-definition display effect can help teachers present teaching content more clearly and make it easier for students to understand. In the commercial field, this high-definition display effect can improve the effect of product display and conference presentation, and bring more business opportunities for enterprises.

3. Make your screen more interactive

Interactivity is an important feature of IFP displays, which can provide users with a more intelligent and convenient experience. With the development of intelligent trends, users' demand for interactive functions is also getting higher and higher. In business meetings, users want to remotely control and interact with the screen to improve the efficiency of the meeting. In teaching, students also hope to interact and participate through the screen to improve learning efficiency.

3.1 Multi-touch and gesture recognition

The interaction capabilities of IQTouch series products have been continuously enhanced. In addition to multi-touch functions, IQTouch series products also support handwriting recognition and gesture control, such as the advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO can provide users with more flexible and convenient operation. This enhanced interaction makes it possible for multiple users to work simultaneously on the screen, promoting a sense of collaboration and engagement and helping to improve the efficiency of teaching and teamwork.

3.2 Expand connectivity

In addition, the IQTouch series products are also equipped with a variety of connection interfaces, such as HDMI, USB. So that users can easily connect to a variety of external devices, further enhancing the interaction of the screen. Through the continuous improvement of interactive capabilities, it brings users a more intelligent and convenient user experience.

With the development of technology, interactive features are constantly upgraded and improved to meet the growing needs of users. To sum up, interactive IFP displays have a stable market demand, and with the development of intelligent trends, their market demand may further increase.

4. Wireless connection

Wireless connection, as a convenient and fast connection method, has been widely used in modern society. Wireless connection products have a variety of forms, such as wireless routers, wireless projectors, wireless keyboards, and mice, which can meet the wireless connection needs of users in different scenarios. With the development of intelligent trends, users' demand for wireless connection products is also increasing.

To meet the needs of business users for a seamless meeting experience, the IQTouch series of products is equipped with wireless presentation technology such as the IQShare WP40. With this technology, users can easily share and control screen content without using any cables, greatly improving the efficiency of meetings. The advanced IQShare WP40 also supports multi-device connectivity, making it easier for multiple people to participate in meetings. We can find that this wireless connection brings a more convenient and efficient meeting experience to business users, and improves the work efficiency of enterprises.

For example, the TE1200 Pro supports connecting up to nine devices at the same time and enjoys 4K wireless screen mirroring on the TE1200 Pro. With group synchronization, Multiple IQTouch TE1200 Pros within the LAN group can share the same screen, collaboration becomes seamless and dynamic, perfect for presentations, brainstorming, and interactive meetings.

5. Intelligent sensing technology

Smart sensor technology IFP displays have stable market demand, and with the development of intelligent trends, their market demand may further increase. Such as Near Field Communication (NFC) access control and proximity sensors, improve the safety and convenience of devices, while also being in line with the trend of intelligent offices and classrooms.

5.1 The advantages of NFC functionality and proximity sensor

To improve the safety and convenience of the device, the IQTouch series of products uses intelligent sensing technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) access control and proximity sensors. Through these technologies, users can easily log in and control the device through proximity sensing or mobile phone NFC function, avoiding cumbersome password input and improving device security. At the same time, the proximity sensor can also realize the function of automatically switching the screen, saving the user time and energy.

5.2 Unique product features

For example, both the IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO and IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO support NFC recognition. Our latest released intelligent IQTOUCH TE1300 has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness, and the IQTOUCH TB1300PRO is also equipped with a proximity sensor.

5.3 The future trends of sensors in IFP

This intelligent sensing technology is in line with the trend of modern office and teaching, bringing users a more intelligent experience. In general, the intelligent sensing technology of the IQTouch series products not only improves the security and convenience of the device but also conforms to the trend of intelligent offices and classrooms.

6. Final thoughts

Whether it is a smooth multi-operating system, a more interactive user experience, or ultra-clear visual effects presentation, IQTOUCH is an important area of continuous pursuit of excellence. Overall, the continuous improvement of the IQTouch series has enabled them to adapt to changing needs and become the first choice of the market and users. If you are interested in our products, you can click here to contact us.

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Ultimate Guide to Hosting Smart Remote Meetings: Efficiency in Every Step

Ultimate Guide to Hosting Smart Remote Meetings: Efficiency in Every Step


Now more than ever, the ability to connect teams across distances is more important than ever. Nowadays, remote conferencing is more difficult and more elaborate. If you're looking for a faster and easier way to connect to a remote team, host a webinar, or run a smart meeting for a training session. Well, in this article, we will give you a detailed step-by-step guide for creating an efficient intelligent remote conferencing environment based on IQ technology. Let's take team connectivity into the future.

Step 1: Define your remote conference goals

Our first step is straightforward before delving into the techniques and setup. Just define what we want to achieve with smart teleconference. The importance of defining the goals of smart teleconsultation is to provide clear direction for teamwork and directions for optimizing resources.

Goals need to be clearly stated. Because clear goals help ensure that all participants share a common understanding of the outcomes of all our meetings. Without clear goals, we can go astray, for example, by buying unnecessary technologies or services that are financially wasteful. Or meetings can become long and ineffective because participants don't have a common agenda or direction.

Step 2: Select the right technical support device

In the second step, we need to build an intelligent conference environment that combines software and hardware.

a.      Building the hardware environment

The hardware components of a smart remote conference room typically include a video conferencing system, an interactive whiteboard or touch screen, a microphone, and speakers. For example, with the IQTouch HA1100 Pro at 4K resolution, our team was able to enjoy a smooth whiteboard and rich multimedia content presentation. In addition, it can play high-resolution video and dynamic presentations, making remote meetings more vivid and engaging, thus fully capturing the attention of participants.

b.      Selection of software platforms

Teleconference software mainly includes software that supports video calling, screen sharing, file transfer, and live chat functions, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. In addition, we can incorporate collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello, or cloud storage service platforms such as Google Drive and OneDrive, which provide teams with file storage, sharing, and backup solutions. IQ offers a complete suite of intelligent conference room solutions, whether hardware products or software support, to enable efficient communication and collaboration. For example, JoinMemos V1.1 supports the use of text, graphics, charts, and pictures to express thought processes, enrich brain conversations and presentation forms, and express complex concepts through visual means, helping to reduce misunderstandings in text communication. Graphical expressions are easier to understand and remember than mere words or speech.

All in all, the stability of the hardware and the continuous updating of the software are both key to ensuring that the meeting goes smoothly. High-definition video and clear audio are prerequisites for effective remote communication. In addition, we need to consider interactivity. Hardware and software must be compatible, and hardware and software must be compatible. It should also be noted that the hardware and software selected for remote video conferencing services should have strong security features to ensure the confidentiality of the conference content and the security of the data.

Step 3: Ensure a stable connection

A stable and fast Internet connection is the backbone of smart remote conferencing. A stable Internet connection ensures that the video is not delayed or disconnected, and the audio signal is clear and continuous. Stable connectivity reduces meeting disruptions and technical glitches due to network issues, saving time and reducing participant frustration. For participants, a stable Internet connection increased the sense of trust in the teleconference system, ensuring that they could rely on the system for critical business discussions. Therefore, we can consider using a wired Ethernet connection for a fixed setup or using a strong Wi-Fi signal for flexibility.

Step 4: Optimize the meeting space

We needed to create a dedicated meeting space with good lighting and minimal background noise. This Touch Control Panel from Q-NEX beneficial for convenient operation can intelligently adjust the lighting in the room, not only bringing visual comfort to the offline meeting attendees but also providing optimal lighting adjustment for the online meeting attendees at the same time. Because, even in a remote setting, the environment affects the quality of the meeting and the attention of the participants. In addition, for large meeting rooms with up to 20 people, the high-performance IQMeet AVS200 provides two extended microphones that cover a 13-foot to 20-foot calling area. Participants in a remote meeting are more likely to feel part of the meeting when they can clearly hear what everyone present has to say, which increases engagement and interactivity.

Step 5: Record and analyze

When necessary, we often need to record meetings or take notes for people who can't be there. We can use the advanced IQPodium PD150 to annotate and record key points during the meeting. By annotating and interacting in real-time, remote participants are more likely to actively participate in a meeting because they can see the speaker's immediate reactions and explanations. For a more flexible effect, the speaker can also adjust the presentation on the spot based on audience feedback, adding additional notes or explanations to provide a more customized presentation experience.

Our powerful Lecture Capture System LCS710 enables automated recording and playback of meetings. Automated recording and playback features save time and effort in manually setting up recording equipment and improve operational efficiency. Also, recorded meetings can help synchronize information and team progress, facilitating better collaboration.

Step 6: Cultivate your team to be more professional

Provide training and resources to ensure that all team members are familiar with the technology. The more adept they become at using these tools, the smoother the teleconferencing will go. Our IQ has a strong equipment technical support and patient after-sales service team, and can provide you with a complete service from pre-sales to after-sales.

Step 7: Stay updated

We need to keep abreast of new technologies and updates on our chosen platform. The teleconferencing landscape is evolving, and so should the online teleconferencing environment. Our IQ is also committed to continuous innovation, constantly using user feedback and combined with more than 17 years of experience to create more trustworthy intelligent meeting room solutions.

Final thoughts

By performing the above steps, we expect that you can quickly build a smart remote conference environment. So that your team is more attuned to today's global collaboration needs. Our IQ not only provides technical business support but also continues to provide advanced teaching environments for modern education, if you are interested in our products and technical solutions, you can click here to contact us.

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7 Reasons to Choose IQTouch TE1200 Pro Interactive Flat Panel

7 Reasons to Choose IQTouch TE1200 Pro Interactive Flat Panel


Interactive flat panels have become essential tools for modern classrooms and collaborative workspaces. The IQTouch TE1200 Pro stands out as an excellent choice for various reasons. Here are seven compelling reasons why I suggest the IQTouch TE1200 Pro with you.


1. Immersive Learning Experience

IQTouch TE1200Pro features 40-point touch recognition, offering built-in Android 12 OS and optional Windows systems with OPS. Under the Android system, it provides whiteboard app for annotation and a wireless sharing system to synchronize the teacher's computer content onto IQTouch TE1200 Pro for students to see. Additionally, there are various teaching tools such as attendance tracking, countdown timers, and more. For the Windows system, teachers can use it like a laptop, and it comes pre-installed with IQKitsmemos, an interactive tool providing rich teaching and interactive resources, which makes it easier for teachers to prepare the courses.

2. High-Quality Display

The IQTouch TE1200 Pro features zero+ bonding, ensuring that the distance between the LCD panel and glass of the interactive flat panel is only within the range of 0-1mm. Possessing zero+ bonding technology signifies that the IQTouch TE1200 Pro can deliver superior display and writing effects, along with a broader viewing angle, resulting in an enhanced display experience.

Featuring a high-resolution display, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro delivers crisp and clear visuals. Whether you're showcasing presentations, videos, or interactive content, the panel ensures a vibrant and detailed viewing experience.

3. Intuitive Touch Controls

The interactive flat panel is equipped with intuitive touch controls, making it user-friendly for both educators and students. The responsive touch interface allows for smooth navigation and interactive participation during lessons.

4. Collaborative Learning

IQTouch TE1200Pro is equipped with a 4K camera, microphone, and speakers, allowing us to instantly initiate online meetings on the TE1200 Pro. Additionally, the AI auto-tracking camera of IQTouch TE1200 Pro supports gesture recognition. This enables us to seamlessly switch camera tracking modes with specific gestures, significantly enhancing the operational experience during online meetings.

Encourage collaborative learning with the IQTouch TE1200 Pro. Its interactive features enable multiple users to work on the same screen simultaneously. This fosters teamwork, idea sharing, and a dynamic learning environment.


5. Versatile Connectivity

TE1200 Pro boasts a rich array of interfaces, such as HDMI input for linking to the teacher's computer, enabling the display of computer content on the TE1200 Pro. The HDMI output supports showcasing the TE1200 Pro's content on connected devices, including lecture capture systems, for recording all TE1200 Pro operations, whether in Android or Windows interfaces. Additionally, the TE1200 Pro features common USB ports, Type-C ports, and audio ports. The panel provides versatile connectivity options, facilitating seamless integration with diverse devices. Whether connecting laptops, tablets, or other multimedia sources, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro ensures compatibility and flexibility in educational resources.

6. Interactive Software Compatibility

IQTouch TE1200 Pro, with its Android and Windows operating systems, offers support for a wide range of software applications available on both platforms. This includes popular online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype. Additionally, it is compatible with interactive teaching software like IQKitsmemos, facilitating teachers in preparing course materials. Furthermore, the TE1200 Pro supports IQJoinMemos, a software designed for annotating during online meetings, enhancing collaboration and brainstorming during conferences.


This interactive display not only caters to the needs of online meetings but also provides a versatile tool for educators to create dynamic and tailored content for interactive lessons, enriching the learning experience for students.

7. Durable and Reliable

Built with durability in mind, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro is a reliable investment for educational institutions. Its robust design ensures longevity, and the panel is equipped to withstand the demands of daily classroom use.


8. Accessories for enhancing the experience for TE1200 Pro

When considering accessories to complement your TE1200 Pro, it's advisable to explore a range of options that can enhance your overall experience. Here are some recommended accessories:


8.1 IQSmartPen

IQSmartPen boasts compatibility with both Android and Windows systems simultaneously. It seamlessly integrates with the TE1200 Pro, offering functionalities such as navigating PowerPoint slides, toggling annotation mode with a single key, capturing screenshots, acting as a wireless remote mouse when roaming within the classroom, and employing a magnifying glass for teachers to emphasize points effectively. This innovative pen enhances TE1200 Pro usage by delivering precise input, ensuring a seamless note-taking and drawing experience. Its intelligent features contribute to a harmonious integration with the TE1200 Pro, resulting in an enriched and efficient writing experience for users.

8.2 Soundbar

To enrich your audiovisual experience, a high-quality soundbar is a great addition. Connecting the  IQSoundbar SA200 to your TE1200 Pro can greatly enhance the audio performance for your classroom or meeting room and transform your workspace into a multimedia hub. Enjoy crisp and immersive audio while watching presentations, videos, or engaging in virtual meetings. This accessory is especially beneficial for those who prioritize audio clarity and an enhanced viewing experience.


8.3 IQShare Dongle

The IQShare dongle features three interfacesHDMI, USB, and Type-Cmaking it compatible with commonly used laptops in the market, whether they run on Windows or iOS. This versatile dongle allows for one-button sharing from a laptop to the TE1200 Pro. Notably, the HDMI and Type-C dongles integrate a groundbreaking BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) functionality. This innovation eliminates the need for additional equipment like cameras when teachers engage in online meetings. Simply using the IQShare HDMI/Type-C dongle effortlessly activates the TE1200 Pro's camera.


Elevate connectivity and collaboration by incorporating the IQShare dongle. This compact device streamlines the process of sharing screens and projecting content seamlessly. Whether you find yourself in a professional meeting or a classroom environment, the IQShare dongle transforms your TE1200 Pro into a versatile tool for effortlessly sharing ideas and presentations. Its compatibility and user-friendly features establish it as an indispensable accessory for collaborative work environments.


By incorporating these accessories into your TE1200 Pro setup, you can optimize its functionality across various scenarios, from productivity tasks to multimedia consumption and collaborative work. Each accessory serves a specific purpose, contributing to an integrated and efficient user experience.


9. Conclusion

In conclusion, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro interactive flat panel offers a comprehensive solution for modern educational environments. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly interface, and durability makes it a top choice for enhancing the learning and teaching experience.


Consider the IQTouch TE1200 Pro for a transformative and collaborative approach to education and freely contact us to know more information.


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Leading the Way: The Top 5 BYOM Solutions for Companies in 2024

Leading the Way: The Top 5 BYOM Solutions for Companies in 2024


In this era of rapid change, we often need to think about a problem: how to make the operation of enterprises more durable and efficient. Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM), a work environment solution is one of those answers. It allows our employees to initiate, participate in, and manage video conferencing using the devices and platforms they are accustomed to rather than being tied to a predefined technical solution. This aligns with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), but what sets BYOM apart is its focus on optimizing conferencing technology. This article will look for 5 of the most popular BYOM Solutions in the 2024 market.


1.    Why work on BYOM solutions?

For our IQ, committed to cost-effectiveness and efficiency, developing BYOM Solutions means that investments in meeting room technology can be wisely controlled. Employees' use of personal devices is undoubtedly a saving of money and resources. At the same time, this model gives us unprecedented flexibility - we can quickly adapt between various conference software and hardware. The ability to deploy new conferencing solutions rapidly and get them up and running without a cumbersome configuration process is critical for businesses where time is money.


For employees, familiar tools always make the job easier. They could integrate seamlessly into the workflow using devices and platforms they were already familiar with, which increased productivity and reduced the burden of learning a new system. What's more, the convenience of meeting on any device, whether a laptop, phone, or tablet, is precisely what modern work demands. Plus, companies supporting BYOM are more likely to offer remote work and flexible schedules, which are integral to the contemporary work environment.


2. The top 5 BYOM Solutions for companies in 2024

Based on in-depth research on the market and a deep understanding of the product, we will list the top 5 BYOM Solutions for business development and conferences in 2024. We hope to provide powerful help for your enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


2.1 Zoom Rooms

In this era of corporate excellence, we often look at how to improve the efficiency of the meeting room. Zoom Rooms results from this quest, a software-based solution that brings unprecedented convenience to our meetings. With wireless links, direct links, and scheduling, employees can effortlessly share meeting content from their personal devices to Zoom Rooms, making BYOM a breeze.


What makes this solution outstanding is its continuous progress integration with major hardware vendors, calendar synchronization, and screen support, as well as its premium audio and video experience and advanced virtual receptionist capabilities. Zoom Rooms has become wildly popular, winning over the market for its user-friendliness and reliability.

2.2 Microsoft Teams Rooms

And in Microsoft Teams Rooms, we saw another peak in office technology.


2.2.1 Start the meeting quickly

Microsoft Teams Rooms transforms meeting Spaces into intelligent and seamlessly integrated collaborative environments. Microsoft Teams Rooms supports more than just one-click connections for quick editing. With the push of a button, users can automatically initiate meetings, make audio and video calls, share content, and collaborate with others.


2.2.2 Share content from multiple angles

Microsoft Teams Rooms also offer dual-screen capabilities with full viewing angles. There will be two screens in the meeting space, one for displaying video of the attendees and the other for sharing content such as presentations, reports, or other documents. Such a dual-screen layout provides a better visual experience and collaboration effect, so attendees can focus on the video and shared content simultaneously.


2.2.3 Powerful technical support of intelligent office software

In addition, its deep integration with Office 365 or Microsoft 365 provides strong technical support to meet the growing needs of enterprises.


Microsoft Teams Rooms and its rich set of features earned it a spot on the 2024 Best BYOM Solutions list.

2.3 IQ BYOM Solutions

The IQ BYOM solutions, like a visionary pilot, are ushering in a new era of wireless control in conference room technology.


2.3.1 Quickly start the meeting by relying on your device

Imagine entering a conference room and being able to quickly start and run a productive meeting with your laptop computer and no other preparation. This is the convenience that the helpful IQ BYOM Solutions provides - you don't need to study or wait for technical support. You can start your presentation and discussion immediately, just like we are looking for in business. Speed is money.

2.3.2 Innovative tools for efficiency and productivity

This technology allows users to control devices such as cameras, microphones, and speakers almost in person, thus simplifying and enhancing collaboration and communication between local and remote participants - a necessary innovation in our era of efficiency and productivity. IQ BYOM Solutions can improve team collaboration ability in a mixed meeting environment. Whether participants are inside the room or distant colleagues, they can share content and communicate on the same platform, ensuring everyone can experience a consistent and coherent meeting atmosphere.


2.3.3 Make full use of existing resources

With IQ BYOM Solutions, we leverage the devices and software we are familiar with to efficiently host and participate in remote meetings, provide an intuitive user experience, and keep creativity and control firmly in our hands. This seamless compatibility ensures that we can make the most of our existing resources without inputting additional capital expenditures, as is the effective management of our resources.


2.3.4 Diversify solutions for various meeting scale

The diversified IQ BYOM Solutions, like our business strategy, are multifaceted. They are based on the IQShare wireless presentation system as the core, combined with various critical devices to meet diverse scenarios and requirements. Whether it's a small, affordable meeting room or a spacious space that requires more advanced equipment support, IQ BYOM Solutions offers a suitable configuration.


The IQMeet series can meet the increasing demands of individual efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace, such as the advanced IQMeet HY200 for small meeting rooms, the high-performance IQMeet AVS200 for spacious meeting spaces, and the high-end BYOM compatible video conferencing products IQMeet CV 810Pro and IQMeet CV800 Pro, which are designed to improve meeting efficiency and enhance collaboration at the audio-visual level. So this creates an efficient, interactive, and user-friendly meeting environment.


To learn more about intelligent conference creation solutions, click here to read our previous article.


2.4.Crestron Flex

The emergence of Crestron Flex seems to be a fresh trend that comprehensively and intelligently redefines the realm of unified communication and collaboration.


2.4.1 Pursue excellent brand style

Crestron Flex also strives for excellence and supports BYOM, a strategy that promotes the integration of individual freedom of choice and enterprise resources. It allows each professional to bring his or her own gear and use his or her preferred conferencing software to personalize his or her work style. This is a flexible and reliable solution for meeting room control, audio and video conferencing equipment, and display and touchscreen technology to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises.


2.4.2 A seamlessly integrated conferencing ecosystem

Crestron's Flex family of products is not just a simple collection of devices or tools but a seamless experience ecosystem for users familiar with the Crestron ecosystem. The Crestron Flex series products show flexibility and adaptability from the simple setting of a small meeting room to the complex design of a large meeting space.


2.5 GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a platform that provides HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and integration with hardware suites in different meeting room sizes.


2.5.1.A simple and intuitive meeting experience

HD video quality helps improve the visibility and communication of the meeting. GoToMeeting is dedicated to providing HD video conferencing capabilities. In this way, participants can communicate in real-time through audio and video calls, see each other in a more precise form, and engage in in-depth communication.


2.5.2 Meet the needs of diverse meeting rooms

GoToMeeting is also working on integrating hardware suites with different meeting room sizes. This means you can use GoToMeeting with the proper hardware, depending on the size and needs of the meeting room. Through integration with hardware devices, GoToMeeting offers more flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of different meeting room environments.


Final thoughts

BYOM is a technological advancement and an embodiment of an intelligent way of working. In this article, we have clarified the various best practices of BYOM and seen a win-win situation. Companies save costs, and employees get convenience at the work level. If you want to integrate efficiency and flexibility into your workflow with a powerful IQ BYOM Solutions, you can contact us here.



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Unleashing the Versatility: 5 Dynamic Application Scenarios of IQVideo Lecture Capture System

Unleashing the Versatility: 5 Dynamic Application Scenarios of IQVideo Lecture Capture System


The lecture capture system is a system that can record and impart knowledge in real-time. It functions as a video recorder and includes multiple functions such as live streaming. A well-designed lecture capture system lets you quickly build a recording space without missing any exciting moments anytime, anywhere, just like the protagonist of today's article - IQVideo LCS910. It is a portable Lecture Capture System that can be stored in a suitcase, allowing you to unleash the powerful functions of IQVideo LCS910 in different application scenarios. Today, in this article, we will jointly explore the application possibilities of five different IQVideo LCS910 scenarios and understand specific scenarios' special requirements and unique solutions.

1.    The application of classroom teaching scenes

The advanced LCS910 from provides technology-integrated solutions compatible with existing educational technologies and infrastructure.

1.1 Demand analysis of classroom teaching recording

Teachers must spend much effort preparing the curriculum and managing the classroom order. If you need to spend more time and energy learning to use a lecture capture system, it is easy to create teacher burnout. Therefore, the lecture capture system in the classroom should be easy to use. It needs to be easy to use. Operating non-critical programs and just buttons should not be too much complexity. That can facilitate teachers' and technical personnel's setup and operation.

Sometimes, in the classroom, the teacher must deal with the technical problems of the equipment, wasting not only the teacher's time but also the study time of the whole class. Technical barriers should be minimized.

1.2 LCS910 assists teachers in teaching

LCS910 is a feature-rich teaching system with rapid deployment, multi-angle recording, high-definition audio and video, easy to operate, remote control, live function, and flexible audio options. Teachers can be ready to record lectures in minutes with a quick wireless setup without spending too much time on technical setup.

Two wireless PTZ cameras can capture the lecture content from different angles, giving students a more comprehensive learning perspective. High-definition CMOS sensors and noise reduction technology ensure clear audio and video recording and improve the quality of the learning experience. Teachers can quickly start and manage the lecture recording with a touch screen and infrared remote control to ensure that technology does not distract from the teaching focus.

2.    The application of seminars or meetings

LCS910 provides a flexible, high-quality recording system for conferences and forums, enhancing the effectiveness of information transmission and sharing and communication experience.

2.1 Meet the needs of mixed seminars or meeting scenarios

Although seminars or meeting scenes mainly focus on the speaker and audience interaction, the lecturing scenes vary. In order to adapt to the different lecturing scenarios, the lecture capture system should also be portable and flexible for recording lectures in various meeting rooms. These days, seminars or meetings are taught face-to-face and online. Therefore, to meet the demand for distance seminars or conferences, the lecture capture system of the seminars or meetings scene is highly demanded to support remote access, control functions, and live broadcast functions.

2.2 LCS910 empowers online and offline conferences or seminars

The web-based director platform of LCS910 is a magic weapon for online conference live streaming. By using it, the instructor can instantly stream video content to meet the needs of online and mixed meetings. One-click live streaming allows lectures to be delivered in real-time to major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. So that can increase the reach and accessibility of conferences or seminars.

3.    The application of live broadcasting of sports events

IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS910 plays an essential role in the live broadcast of sports events.

3.1 High-quality video recording and transmission capabilities

With its high-intelligence video recording and transmission capabilities, the LCS910 can capture and deliver critical moments of sporting events to viewers in real time. The video recorded by the LCS910 is extremely high-definition and has no delay, which shows its high-quality transmission capability. Even if the audience is not at the football match, they can feel the nervousness of their favorite athletes at close range.

3.2 An immersive gaming experience

The high-definition camera can capture the athletes' facial expressions and record the movement of the ball or other sports equipment. Let the audience not miss any wonderful moment on the field. At the same time, LCS910 provides multi-angle shooting and real-time switching functions. Multi-angle switching can meet the audience when watching the god perspective of psychology so that the audience can fully understand the game's dynamics to enhance the viewing experience.

4.    The application of medical training

IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS910 plays a crucial role in medical training. It uses advanced video recording and transmission technology to fully capture all aspects of medical training and real-time transmission to the audience. This system has important educational and learning implications for medical students and practitioners.

Presented in high-definition video and audio format, the LCS910 can accurately demonstrate clear surgical and diagnostic procedures, from vascular dissection to dental implants. The advanced LCS910 captures all the essential details. In support of the RTMP/RTSP streaming protocol video platform for wider dissemination, thus promoting a more heated medical technology exchange and discussion.

5.    The application for the award ceremony

The best moments of the awards show are often fleeting. To record great moments quickly, use the LCS910, which can be installed quickly. A recording environment for awards shows can be deployed in less than five minutes.

The LCS910 has advanced video recording and transmission functions. Most importantly, it can accurately record every critical moment of the award ceremony and transmit it to the audience in real-time. LCS910 has high-quality video quality and clear audio capture. So that viewers can realistically feel the gravitas and pomp of the award ceremony. Furthermore,multi-angle shooting and real-time switching functions enable the audience to understand the details and atmosphere of the award scene fully, enhancing the viewing experience.

In addition, the LCS910 provides editing capabilities. That makes it easy for hosts or staff to edit and add essential moments of information or individuals at any time for subsequent review and collation. This flexibility and convenience make the LCS910 an ideal tool for award ceremonies, helping to enhance the process and effectiveness of awards ceremonies.


In this article, we have explored the application of IQVideo LCS910 in six different scenarios with different properties and requirements. IQVideo LCS910 can play a powerful role in recording higher quality content and conducting more compatible live broadcasts, from indoor classroom teaching and seminar recording to outdoor event live streaming and ceremony director. If you are interested in our products, click here to contact us. We will provide you with a practical technological solution that is more suitable for your needs and has the highest efficiency.

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